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Where Have All The Rental Screeners Gone?

At IDM we receive calls every week from people in search of a rental screener for, smaller screening and recycling projects. People tell us, they have called all of the local rental stores, but they no longer have screeners for rent.

At IDM we manufacture screeners, so we conducted our own survey to see why most of the rental screeners were gone. After talking with many rental companies, we discovered that box screeners of the past were too big to be truly portable. We also learned that rental rates for the big box screeners were not attractive to contactors and homeowners wanting to screen smaller jobs. The end result was, screeners spent too much time sitting in the rental yard and not enough time being rented. Therefore when the economy unraveled in 2008, box screeners were one of the first items on the list to be liquidated from the rental fleet.

Due to the volume of calls we receive from homeowners and contractors, we knew there was a need, so we went to work researching the rental market opportunity in more depth.

Most projects volumes to be screened were small in size. In most cases skidloaders, bucket tractors, and compact excavators were the most common machine used to feed a screener. We also discovered that customers in most cases had trucks with a car trailers up to 14k for transporting a screener.

For 2017 we have designed the DeSite SLG-78VF for customers wanting to rent a small screen at a good price. A standard static grizzly pales in comparison to the DeSite SLG-78VF because the SLG has been designed with a dual action spring loaded deck.

The SLG can be fitted with a 110 volt vibratory pack that increases production and efficiency for the contractor needing more production in wetter materials. This gives the rental house the opportunity to add your generator to the rental. Do It Yourselfers are also much more interested in renting a skid steer when they can also rent a screener for screening rock and debris from their soil.

The SLG-78VF transports crossways on the same trailer as the customer hauling his skid loader or bucket tractor. The DeSite SLG-78VF is a money saver for people in this economy when soil/rock and trucking costs are continuing to increase. With no engine, no fuel, no oil and no grease, and a price of $5,295 the SLG-78VF is a must have for the industry.

Look Closely at the DeSite SLG-78VF

  • Up front investment costs are minimal ( $5295.00 )
  • Financing available to rental Companies (50/50)
  • Daily rental to customer is attractive
  • Return on Investment is excellent ( 30 rental days )
  • Renting of alternate mesh sizes ( 25.00 p/day )
  • Good resale value ( 60 to 70% )
  • Minimal maintenance ( No Engine, oil, fuel, or grease )

Seeing is Believing

Watch the SLG-78VF in Action

Go to You Tube and type in SLG-78VF