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Renting a Compact Screener Can Save You Money

Recycling your own soil can have big benefits.

Not only can you save on the cost of purchasing and trucking new topsoil, you will not have to pay to a truck to haul away your onsite soil. There are many more benefits to recycling and reclaiming onsite products. Read on!!

Not All Soil That We Buy Is Good Soil.

Good natural organic soil comes from the surface. Soil that has been dug from a bank or from a deep hole is often lacking necessary nutrients. Many times soil yards will blend compost and sand with soil to make a “three way mix”. This type of soil is usually quite expensive per yard. When purchasing soil, ask where the soil has come from and what process the soil has been through.

Importing Import Foreign Weed Seed.

If you have soil onsite that has been previously growing greenery, you most likely have organics present in your soil. Most all soils have weed seed present unless it has been properly composted at the correct temperatures. If you recycle your own soil you know what you are dealing with. You then can assess if you need to blend some sand and compost to make your soil excellent. Be careful that you do not pay big money for soil that has less nutrient and more weed seed than what you currently have onsite.

What To Do With Waste Materials.

After you are done screening and reclaiming your good soil, look around your site for places to make use of you waste product. Look to fill low spots where water will gather. Look to create high spots for drainage. Use the oversize waste to make raised beds then cover with filter fabric. If you have clean rock left over you can use the rock to make drain ways to handle excess water when it rains. Through recycling and ingenuity you can usually make use of most everything you have onsite. Renting a DeSite SLG portable screener will screen and recycle your soil, rock, sand, compost, wood waste and much more. No other compact screener is more cost effective or portable. This screener can be fitted with a wide range of screening mesh from 1/8 of an inch to 6 inches. Contact your local rental company and begin recycling today.