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Onsite Rock Recycling with the SLG-78

Rock, gravel and stone is becoming very expensive to purchase. The DeSite SLG-78 can save you big money by sorting your gravel to usable sizes.

When recycling, profitability comes through efficiency and versatility. The more usable products you make from your waste material, reduces the costs associated with haul off. That is why we have designed the SLG with a side tensioned mesh clamping system, taking only 5 minutes to change out the screen.

4” mesh will make you a 3” minus product about as fast as you can feed the screener. Once you have a 3” minus product you can change to a smaller mesh to make many more usable products.

2”x 2” Square Pattern Mesh screening rock to 1-1/2” in size. Screening your 3” minus product will then give you a 1-1/2” to 3” stone. This works great as a clean base rock for road base. It can also be used as a beauty rock for landscape, or for soil erosion in drainage areas.

1-1/4” x 1-1/4” Square Pattern Mesh screens rock to a 7/8 minus. This product works well to put on the surface of gravel roads. If you screen your 1-1/2” product through the 1-1/4” screen you then will have a great perk stone product for septic and drain fields.

¾” and ½”x 4” Elongated mesh not only works good for soil, but it can also be used in the process of making pea stone. This will size your stone to a ½ to 3/8” product. Using a ¼“ mesh then allows you to clean out the fines giving you a clean pea stone for landscaping and walkways.

¼” elongated mesh works great to make poly and pvc pipe bedding. There is nothing worse than have to come back to dig up a pipe failure due to rock damage. The SLG-78 can quickly make you a fine bedding to put on and around irrigation piping during the installation process.

With only a few different mesh sizes you will have the ability to get the very most of everything that is onsite. Many of these products can cost as much a 40 to 50.00 per yard by the time you have it onsite, so it is easy to see how much money can be saved when recycling.