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Going Green with the DeSite SLG-78VF

Excavation contractors deal with rock and soil everyday. The newly designed DeSite SLG-78VF is a rock and soil recycling attachment for skidsteers , bucket tractors, and compact excavators. The SLG-78VF attachment has been designed to give people the ability to screen and recycle onsite, saving big money on exporting waste materials that still have good product in it. With transportation, rock and soil products steadily on the increase, the DeSite SLG-78VF will make you more competitive in this challenging economy.

The SLG-78VF is a great investment to bring you more work with better profits. People today want to be environmentally responsible, so when choosing a contractor they will lean towards the company that can offer onsite recycling. Once your customers know that you have the ability to screen and recycle onsite, more work will come your way.

The SLG-78VF at the price of $5,295.00 is inexpensive by comparison to other attachments for compact equipment. The SLG-78VF can be fitted with a multitude of mesh sizes for screening topsoil, sand, compost and wood and rock products. These recycled products can range from 15 to 50.00 per yard, so you can see that the SLG-78VF will pay for itself quickly.