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4 yard Self Dumping Waste Bins

The Competitive Rental Edge

DeSite has designed and now manufacture our own line of Self Dumping Waste Bins. Waste bins often receive a lot of abuse in the work place so they need to be built well. They get hit, dropped, and backed into on a regular basis. We have designed our bins in a way that commonly damaged parts can be unbolted and replaced to save our customers costly repair bills. We offer a premium bin that has been reinforced in all the critical areas. We hope that you will see and appreciate the quality and value of our forklift waste bins.


Our DeSite TDB-4 Waste Bins for Tele-Handlers Reach Forklifts will provide you the rental edge.

In the past Yellow Pages and a Local Newspaper were the tool of choice for businesses connecting with contractors needing rental equipment. Today, the driving force has become mobile media, and internet presence. As large rental companies expand through the acquisition of smaller rental companies, rental pricing becomes more competitive. IDM is looking to network with independent rental houses across North America to boost our business and yours.


Why We Designed The Bin

As an independent small business ourselves, we saw an opportunity to design a highly mobile construction waste bin purpose built for use with tele-handler reach forklifts already at the construction site. Our industrial grade bin creates an opportunity for your company to offer an added benefit to prospective customers over what big national rental house can offer.


Why Contractors Use Our Bins

Up till now contractors have been spending money on building materials, and paying employees to build a makeshift wooden platform to transport construction debris. These wooden bins are moved around by a telehander from the work area, dumping into a rented roll off bin placed somewhere on site. The life of the makeshift platform is short lived, often needing repair from the abuse from operator and tele-handler. Contractors using 3 or 4 of our bins have the ability to sort and recycle construction waste, reduce the costs of waste removal


Manufacture and Design

Other bin manufacture designs are a one piece weldment. Maintenance and repair on this design of bin must be done with a torch, hammers, more steel and a welder.These type of bins age quickly and can be an eyesore with your company name attached out on the jobsite.Our highly mobile 4yd Tele-Handler Waste Bins are designed as a "knockdown" bin. Knockdown bins have the ability to disassemble for economical shipment, and can be easily maintained and repaired if damaged at the worksite. The DeSite TDB-4 Tele-Handler Construction Waste Debris Bins consists of five parts, the floor, three removable sides and a door.The bin base consists of a 4" x 4" steel tubing frame with 4" x 4" formed steel internal support beams. The fork pockets are 4" x 8" rectangular steel tubes. We have oversized them for easy access, and for transporting when dumping the bin.The removable back and sides of the bin are also constructed from 1/8 steel plate with four vertical 2" x 3" rectangular steel tubes that fit into laser cut and CNC formed steel pockets welded into the bin base. The one piece (top mount) quick disconnect swinging door can be removed in less literally less than two minutes, turning the bin into a three sided open front bin for lifting building supplies to upper floors or onto roof tops. After manufacturing is complete, all bin parts are shot blasted, powder coated and oven baked for a durable finish.


Why Rental Houses Should Buy Our Bins

A building contractor never has enough storage space for waste debris. A mobile bin placed next to where the work is being done improves site safety sand saves time and money for the general. A 2000.00 investment into our TDB-4 Waste Bin, sitting on the forks of your Tele-Handler makes your machine much more attractive rental over what your competition has to offer.Once contractors are familiar with the benefits of having a tele-handler bin onsite they will want more, creating an opportunity to charge a future rental fee. DeSite TDB-4 bins are a new piece of the puzzle in the world of waste and recycling. A bin on the forks of your machine will make your Tele-Handlers, a contractors first choice. Rental house cost is retail minus 20% so your cost would be $1995.00 on this $2495.00 4 yard waste bin.


Lets talk about getting a DeSite TDB-4 into your fleet.