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This website was created to give homeowners and contactors the option to rent a soil/rock screener at an affordable price. DeSite SLG screeners are the most portable and cost effective, compact screeners available. They will allow you to recycle, reclaim, and reuse existing topsoil, rock, and other materials right on site.

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IDM understands that many times excavation contactors see recyclable products onsite when bidding a job. Most contractors know that onsite recycling can cut project costs, but historically, towing a big box screener in to recycle 50 or 100 yards is not cost effective. Making an extra trip simply to tow a screener onsite uses up valuable working time. Towable screeners can in many cases be difficult to place when working in tight areas or on slopes.

IDM saw the opportunity for contactors to screen and recycle onsite, but knew that it had to make financial sense.

The ability to recycle with your excavator and skidsteers saves on expensive trucking costs. Why pay $100.00 plus per hour for trucking when that $100.00 per hour can go towards your machines working profit.

We knew that a truly portable screen would have to be compact enough to be transported on the same trailer at the same time the contractor is moving his excavation equipment. This screener would have to be so portable that it could be moved around on sloped or slippery ground quickly and safely. This screener would have to be productive. Contractors do not have time to waste. Most of all, it has to be strong, user friendly and affordable.

Why rent a DeSite SLG-78VF

  • Loads cross-ways using only 48 inches of deck space, leaving room for your buckets and machines.
  • Weighs only 2000lbs, so even small machines can lift and move the SLG-78VF around on the worksite.
  • Powder Coated in a thick hammertone paint finish.
  • Can be fed with bucket up to 78 inches.
  • Comes with ¾ x 4” high tensile triple chute topsoil mesh.
  • Has over 29 sq/ft of screening surface.
  • Can be fitted with mesh from 5/32 inch for sand and up to 4 inch mesh for erosion control rip rap.
  • Side tensioned mesh that can be changed in 5 minutes.
  • No maintenance (no oil, grease or engine to maintain).
  • Can be fitted with optional vibratory pack that operates on 110 volt electricity.
  • Optional generator set available for remote power needs. 

View the DeSite SLG on You Tube

Click Here or just type DeSite SLG-78VF in the YouTube search bar to view this amazing $5500usd screener in action.

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